Welcome to Rockin Z Labradors

Welcome to Rockin Z' Labradors Located in Missoula Montana we are a small kennel working to breed only the best labradors Period. We want our dogs to hunt hard, have staunch points, great noses, be excellent retrievers with strong drive and marking ability and be a great companion and family dog as well. That's a pretty tall order for most dogs. Not at Rockin Z Labrador. Our dogs are proven in the field as working gundogs and also in AKC and UKC hunt tests where they have earned many titles.

Our Pups come from our breeding program of labrador retrievers, Our breeding stock is selected on a rigorous standard for performance and trainability. Rockin Z's breeding stock are either titled labradors or are sired by GMPR or MH that are in the process of achieving their titles, We breed our labs with the goal of producing a better lab puppy. A well thought out breeding program is laid out years in advance. Most Rockin Z puppy owners make the comment that "they have never owned a pet that is so smart". Smart dogs are easy to train for the home and field. Every litter we produce is with the plan of improving our line of dogs. So in purchasing a Rockin Z pup you will receive the quality of dog that we would want to keep.

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