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Welcome to Rockin Z Labradors


Welcome to Rockin Z' Labradors the (Home of the Rockin Z Pointing Labs). Located in Florence, Montana we are a small kennel working to breed only the best AKC/APLA black and yellow pointing labradors
available. We want our dogs to hunt hard, have staunch points, great noses, be excellent retrievers with strong drive and marking ability and be your companion and family dog as well. That's a pretty tall order for most dogs. Not at Rockin Z Labrador. Our dogs are proven in the field as working gundogs and also in AKC and APLA hunt tests where they have earned many titles.

Our pointing pups come from our breeding program of pointing labrador retrievers, Our breeding stock is selected on a rigorous standard for performance and trainability. Rockin Z's breeding stock are either titled point labradors or are sired by GMPR or MH that are in the process of achieving their titles, We breed our pointing labs with the goal of producing a better pointing lab puppy. A well thought out breeding program is laid out years in advance. Most Rockin Z puppy owners make the comment that "they have never owned a pet that is so smart". Smart dogs are easy to train for the home and field. Every litter we produce is with the plan of improving our line of dogs. So in purchasing a Rockin Z pup you will receive the quality of dog that we would want to keep.

How it all began. As an avid bird hunter in my teens I found myself in need of a hunting companion. Living in New Mexico I found a GSP that I named Beau. He was an all liver colored male, what lessons that dog taught me. I read all the training books. It was a great time to be a teenaged boy with his first bird dog. That first dog never turned out to be much more then a great buddy but he was my buddy. I was hooked, a dog man I would grow to be. Growing up I always dreamed of living in the Ozark's and having a pair of coon dogs just like Ol' Dan and Little Ann. Well, as I returned from College in AZ dog-less the itch was getting stronger and so back to the local papers I went looking. This was back when searching the web took all night to load one web site. Oh the good old days (lol) there it was free coon hound. I couldn't help but call. After talking to the lady on the phone and finding out that the reason she was giving him away. Was because he would get out of his kennel and tree their pet coon. I knew he sounded exactly like what I was looking for. We met at her house and when I walked up what I saw was nothing less then tragic. Every bone in his body was showing he smelled like death and when he looked into my eyes I couldn't say no. After two or three baths and a lot of food he started to come alive. Little did I know that that old dog would completely change my life forever.
Through a friend of a friend I met Courtney Risk and formed a friendship that stands to this day. We spent many a night chasing coons on the bosque of the Rio Grande River. I handled my dogs and his in UKC/PKC night hunts. When I moved to the Big Sky country I brought two hounds with me Rusty and Buster a young male pup out of Courtney's dog Dual Grand Skies Cries Big Bang. Running the hounds was not a year round possibility for me so I retired Rusty to be a house dog, sold buster to an outfitter and started the search for a Labrador Retriever.

The start of Rockin Z Labradors was an interesting time, Finding a female that had the things I was looking for was less then easy. There are a lot of puppies out there, most of which you couldn't give me. While duck hunting with a friend over his female I found most of what I was looking for, size, speed, and prey drive. So I purchased a pup from the breeder he got his dog from. We trained her up and ran her in AKC hunt test where she achieved her Junior Hunter title and passed two Senior Hunter tests. The search was on to find a stud that was from similar lines to breed her to. Living only 60 miles from some of the best field trial trainers in the country I visited with them and watched them run their dogs. Two dogs stood out to me, one owned by Larry Calvert of Jazztime Labradors that dog was FC AFC CFC CAFC GMPR Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko the other being FC AFC CFC CAFC Mission Mountain Ninja owned by Armand Fangsrud. We attempted to breed Rockin Z's Little Firecracker to Chance not once but twice with no success. After further testing we were disappointed to find out that she was baron and unable to have any puppies. My desire to have a Chance puppy grew stronger so I found a female that had been bred to him. I purchased a female pup and her dam Ritz's Poco Negro Diablo. That puppy Rockin Z's Tia grew to be one of our foundation dogs for our breeding program.
Rockin Z' Tia from the first time we took her hunting she showed a natural bird finding ability and tremendous drive. She quickly became my personal favorite upland hunting dog.

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